Groundbreaking Ceremony Marks Start of Construction on UK-German Interconnector

In a symbolic milestone, construction has commenced on the German segment of the groundbreaking NeuConnect interconnector, linking the United Kingdom and Germany. The ceremony, held in Wilhelmshaven, was graced by the presence of German Ministers Robert Habeck and Olaf Lies, alongside UK Minister Greg Hands.

NeuConnect, hailed as the first UK-German interconnector, is poised to revolutionize energy connectivity between the two nations. With an anticipated completion by 2028, the project, valued at £2.4 billion (€2.8 billion), is spearheaded by global investors Meridiam, Allianz Capital Partners, Kansai Electric Power, and TEPCO.

The ambitious venture will witness the construction of new converter stations in Wilhelmshaven, Germany, and the Isle of Grain, , linked by 725 kilometers of cables spanning both land and sea. Upon fruition, the interconnector will facilitate a bidirectional flow of up to 1.4GW of electricity, bolstering energy security and resilience in both countries.

Moreover, NeuConnect is projected to play a pivotal role in mitigating carbon emissions, with estimates suggesting a net reduction of over 13 million tonnes of CO2 over a 25-year period, by integrating sources from both nations.

German Minister Habeck emphasized the collaborative spirit underpinning the energy transition, stating, “The energy transition will succeed if we work together in Europe.” Minister Hands echoed this sentiment, highlighting the significance of investments that fortify and bilateral relations.

Julia Prescot, Chair of NeuConnect, underscored the shared commitment of Germany and the UK towards a greener energy future. She remarked, “NeuConnect will make a vital contribution, uniting our Net Zero ambitions and strengthening the economic links between both countries.”

Construction efforts are already underway, with Energy and spearheading the construction of converter stations and cabling works in Wilhelmshaven. The progress in the UK, marked by foundation works on the Isle of Grain converter station, signifies the tangible advancement of this transformative project.


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