New Report Emphasizes Infrastructure Upgrades for U.S. West Coast Offshore Wind Expansion

A recent report by Oceantic Network underscores the necessity for significant upgrades to port and transmission infrastructure along the U.S. West Coast to meet and Oregon's offshore wind targets. Titled “Suppliers' Guide to Success: Smart Scaling for the US West Coast Floating Wind Market,” the report delves into essential measures for the region to emerge as a global leader in floating offshore wind.

John Begala, Vice President of Federal and State Policy at Oceantic Network, emphasized the pivotal role of policymakers in seizing this opportunity for economic development and clean energy advancement: “West Coast states have led the charge in protecting the environment and decarbonizing their economies. Now, those same states have the chance to become leaders in a new, global renewable energy industry with floating offshore wind.”

The paper advocates for strategic investments in port and transmission infrastructure, alongside the structuring of offtake awards to prioritize project deliverability. Additionally, it recommends establishing a steady, long-term procurement schedule for offshore wind power.

Begala noted the importance of learning from offshore wind policy experiences on the East Coast and internationally to avoid potential obstacles: “The paper condenses lessons learned from offshore wind policy regimes on the east coast and around the world with the goal of avoiding unnecessary pitfalls for West Coast offshore wind deployment.”

Acknowledging the collaborative effort behind the report, Begala commended key policymakers and expressed readiness to leverage collective experience for future progress: “We applaud the key state and federal policymakers who have gotten the industry to this point, and we welcome an opportunity to share our collective experience moving forward.”

The Suppliers' Guide to Success was developed with input from the Network's West Coast Supplier Council, comprising companies focused on the region's offshore wind sector and its supply chain. Members of the council include , , Crowley Wind Services, EEW AOS, Foss Offshore Wind, Hellenic Cables, Hitachi Energy, Manson Construction, , Principle Power, and .


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