SMD Delivers Groundbreaking Electric ROV to Jan De Nul for Offshore Wind Projects

Subsea technology leader SMD has marked a significant milestone by delivering its inaugural work class remotely operated (ROV) to , tailored specifically for wind projects. Alongside this achievement, the company proudly announced the successful completion of full power testing for the Quantum EV ROV, showcasing its exceptional capabilities in challenging underwater environments.

John McCann, SMD's Business Development Manager, highlighted the remarkable performance of the Quantum EV during rigorous testing, stating, “During rigorous testing, the Quantum EV reached a top forward speed of 4.5 knots and a top lateral speed of 3.5 knots.” He emphasized, “Significantly higher than current industry standards, this enables rapid and precise operations in challenging subsea environments.”

McCann further elaborated on the Quantum EV's exceptional capabilities, noting, “As well as operating efficiently in currents up to 3 knots, the Quantum EV also achieved a bollard pull of 1400kgf.” This remarkable strength positions the ROV as an ideal solution for handling heavy loads and navigating adverse underwater conditions, ensuring operational reliability and safety across diverse industries.

The advancements in speed and power exhibited by the Quantum EV are poised to revolutionize offshore operations, enabling clients to execute tasks with greater efficiency while optimizing resource utilization. SMD emphasized that these enhancements will expand operational scope, ultimately translating into time and cost savings for clients engaged in offshore endeavors.


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