Ilmatar Propels Sweden’s Renewable Agenda with 450MW Tönnersjö Solar Farm Permit Application

has formally submitted an environmental permit application for its ambitious 450MW Tönnersjö farm. Spanning 450 hectares in the picturesque County of Halland, southwestern Sweden, the project marks a significant stride in Ilmatar's mission to revolutionize power generation while preserving ecological balance.

The journey towards realizing the Tönnersjö solar farm commenced in 2022 when Ilmatar inked a pivotal land lease agreement with Silvestica Green Forest, a prominent forest owner. Since then, meticulous planning, including rigorous environmental impact assessments and extensive consultations, has culminated in the submission of the permit application to Halland County authorities.

Robert Wedmo, Ilmatar's head of permitting, underscored the pivotal role the solar farm would play in augmenting energy production, particularly in Sweden's southern electricity area SE4. “The direct connection of the solar farm to the will significantly enhance energy production where it is most needed,” Wedmo affirmed. He further highlighted the exponential growth of solar power as a vital contributor to the energy landscape.

Christian Gustafsson, Ilmatar's country director in Sweden, emphasized the company's commitment to sustainable development. “In just two years in Sweden, Ilmatar has contributed to significant shifts in the Swedish landscape,” Gustafsson remarked. With over 6GW in their project , Ilmatar prioritizes areas with minimal ecological impact, steering clear of agricultural land and focusing on regions with low nature values, such as production forests.

“The Tönnersjö solar farm site predominantly comprises production forests ready for harvesting,” Gustafsson elucidated. He underscored the exclusion of areas with high nature values from the project plan, affirming Ilmatar's dedication to responsible development practices.

As Ilmatar forges ahead with its pioneering approach to power generation, the submission of the Tönnersjö permit application marks a significant milestone, propelling the company's total project applications past the 1GW mark. With anticipation mounting for regulatory approvals and grid connections, Ilmatar remains poised for substantial development, poised to usher in a new era of renewable energy production in Sweden.


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