Nordex Secures Order for 148MW Wind Project in California

, a prominent wind turbine manufacturer, has secured a significant order for a 148MW wind project in . The specifics of the project have not been disclosed, but the order includes 25 N149/5.X units, showcasing Nordex's continued activity in the sector.

The turbines, part of Nordex's Delta 4000 series, will feature 89-meter seismic towers, enhancing their suitability for the Californian terrain. Delivery of the turbines is scheduled for the summer of 2025, with commissioning expected by the end of the same year.

Alongside turbine supply, the contract encompasses a comprehensive service agreement spanning 10 years, ensuring effective operation and maintenance of the hardware over time.

Nordex's track record in the North American wind market is noteworthy, having sold 738 turbines from its Delta 4000 series, totaling over 3.6GW in capacity across and the .

While details regarding the project's developer and location remain undisclosed, Nordex's latest order reflects the ongoing shift towards renewable energy adoption, particularly in regions like California known for their commitment to clean energy initiatives.


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