Eneco Embarks on Circular Economy Project with Herkingen Wind Farm Decommissioning

utility Eneco unveiled ambitious plans on Friday to dismantle its Herkingen wind farm in the , marking a significant step towards embracing a circular economy model for .

Situated on the delta island of Goeree-Overflakkee, Herkingen has gracefully concluded its 33-year service life, including one repowering endeavor. Originally commissioned in 1991 with five turbines, the wind farm underwent a transformation in 2004, with three larger machines taking the helm.

Eneco confirmed the commencement of Herkingen's decommissioning at the outset of April, with demolition activities slated to commence on April 29 and culminate by May's end.

With sustainability at the forefront, Eneco has devised a comprehensive strategy for managing the wind farm's waste and repurposing its site. In a pioneering initiative, the utility has partnered with Blade-Made, a company specializing in sustainable solutions, to repurpose turbine blades into functional elements such as street furniture, playground equipment, and sound barriers.

“The transformation of turbine blades into diverse, usable products marks a pivotal milestone in our commitment to sustainability,” remarked a spokesperson from Eneco, underscoring the innovative nature of the project.

Furthermore, Herkingen's land will be repurposed through a collaboration with a local farmer, who will utilize the lowest mast components to create three 15-meter-high tanks for rainwater storage, facilitating crop irrigation during dry spells.

“This pilot project sets a precedent for sustainable land utilization, demonstrating the potential for synergies between renewable energy and agriculture,” noted Eneco.

In a strategic move towards optimization, Eneco will transfer the wind farm's power connection to grid operator Stedin. This transition will contribute to enhancing grid stability and efficiency on Goereee-Overflakkee, aligning with Eneco's broader sustainability objectives.

With an ambitious vision for the future, Eneco aims to achieve full circularity by 2050, leveraging projects like the Herkingen wind farm decommissioning to drive progress towards a more sustainable and resilient energy ecosystem.


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