Chiyoda Corporation and Toyota Forge Partnership for Innovative Hydrogen Electrolysis System

In a collaborative effort to advance technology, Corporation and Motor Corporation have formally agreed to jointly develop a large-scale electrolysis system. The strategic partnership, solidified through the signing of a basic cooperation agreement, aims to contribute to the realization of government targets for introducing electrolysis equipment, both domestically and internationally. This initiative aligns with the Basic Strategy on Hydrogen outlined by the government.

The collaboration leverages Toyota's expertise in production and mass production technologies for electrolysis cell stacks, grounded in technology. Concurrently, Chiyoda's proficiency in processing plant design and large-scale plant construction technologies will be integrated to develop a competitive large-scale electrolysis system. The primary objective is to meet the escalating demand in hydrogen production markets within Japan and globally.

The joint effort focuses on creating an electrolysis system that combines high hydrogen production efficiency with a remarkably compact design, striving to be the world's smallest in size.

To address diverse customer needs, considering factors like hydrogen usage volume and plant floor limitations, the development will utilize 5 MW-class equipment as the basic unit. This equipment, with a floor area of 2.5 m x 6 m and a hydrogen production capacity of approximately 100 kg/hr, will be combined to form a standard package, facilitating the construction of large-scale electrolysis systems.

The distinctive features of this equipment include occupying only about half the floor area of conventional counterparts, ease of maintenance, simplified shipping, reduced on-site construction times, and lower civil engineering and construction costs. By merging Toyota's proficiency in industrial products with Chiyoda's prowess in plant engineering, the collaboration aims to optimize benefits, ensuring lower costs, increased production efficiency, and enhanced stability for electrolysis systems crucial for production.

With the signing of this basic cooperation agreement, the introduction of the electrolysis system at the Hydrogen Park in the Toyota Honsha Plant is set to commence in the fiscal year 2025. Future plans involve expansion to the 10 MW class, utilizing the system for verification and development. Additional developments will be disclosed as they unfold.


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