Indonesia’s PLN Boosts Biomass Integration, Cutting Carbon Emissions in 2023

In a noteworthy shift towards sustainable energy practices, 's state power firm, Perusahaan Listrik Negara (), announced on Wednesday that it successfully consumed 1 million metric tons of in 2023 for power generation, marking a significant 71% increase from the previous year.

PLN disclosed that it employed biomass for co-firing at 43 of its coal-fired power plants, part of a strategic move to decrease reliance on conventional coal sources. The company further revealed plans to extend biomass co-firing to 52 coal power plants by 2025.

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While the statement did not specify the particular type of biomass utilized in 2023, PLN asserted that this diversification has resulted in a noteworthy reduction of carbon emissions, specifically lowering it by 1.05 million tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) equivalent.

Indonesia's pursuit of co-firing aligns with broader initiatives to diminish coal consumption, which currently satisfies more than half of the country's electricity demands. Despite these efforts, environmentalists caution that an escalating reliance on biomass may pose potential threats to deforestation.

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The PLN's strategic move towards biomass integration reflects a wider global trend as nations seek greener alternatives to traditional energy sources, with the aim of addressing environmental concerns and meeting sustainability goals.


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