Renova’s Morinomiyako Biomass Power Plant Begins Operations in Japan

Inc, the Japanese renewable power producer, proudly announced on Monday the commencement of power generation at the Morinomiyako Power Plant, a robust facility with a capacity of 75 MW.

Situated in Miyagi prefecture, this state-of-the-art plant is set to utilize wood pellets and palm kernel shells (PKS) as its primary fuel sources. The anticipated annual output is an impressive 553,300 MWh, a quantity sufficient to cater to the energy needs of approximately 170,000 households each year.

The development of this innovative renewable energy facility was a collaborative effort, with Renova partnering alongside notable entities such as utility United Purpose Management Inc, Mizuho Leasing Co Ltd, Forestry Co Ltd, and RenoDa Partners GK, a part of the Daiwa Securities Group.

Renova holds a substantial 29% stake in Morinomiyako, making it the largest shareholder. Additionally, the company possesses the right to acquire an additional 31% combined interest, held by select co-sponsors in the special-purpose company that owns and operates the biomass-fired plant. This strategic positioning emphasizes Renova's commitment to advancing sustainable energy initiatives in and reinforces its prominent role in the evolving landscape of renewable power generation.


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