Chempark in Germany’s North Rhine-Westphalia to Join Thyssengas Hydrogen Network

, a chemical park situated in Germany's North Rhine-Westphalia province, is set to become a part of the expansive network envisioned by gas transmission system operator Thyssengas GmbH. This strategic move is expected to have a substantial impact on the region's energy landscape.

A letter of intent has been signed between Thyssengas and the operator of Chempark, Currenta, outlining plans to integrate the three Chempark sites in , Dormagen, and Krefeld-Uerdingen into Thyssengas's future hydrogen network. Commencing in 2030, these sites will receive a consistent supply of hydrogen, marking a crucial step towards sustainable energy solutions in the region.

To facilitate hydrogen delivery to the Dormagen and Leverkusen sites, Thyssengas will repurpose an existing pipeline for hydrogen transportation. Additionally, a new pipeline will be constructed between Duisburg and Krefeld to connect the Krefeld-Uerdingen location to the network.

The hydrogen required for these three Chempark locations will be sourced from the Netherlands via planned border crossing points in Zevenaar and Vlieghuis. Furthermore, it will be supplied through the north-south corridor connecting Wilhelmshaven and Cologne, a project jointly planned by and Thyssengas.

The sites in Dormagen, Leverkusen, and Krefeld-Uerdingen collectively house 70 companies, representing a significant portion of North Rhine-Westphalia's chemical production. Thyssengas has identified six clusters with a strong demand for hydrogen, with these sites being a prime example. This move underscores the growing demand for hydrogen as energy-intensive industries seek to advance their decarbonization efforts.

Commenting on this collaboration with Currenta, Thomas Goessmann, Chief Executive of Thyssengas, stated, “Our collaborations in the regional H2 clusters demonstrate that there is a growing demand for hydrogen. With Currenta, we are planning the hydrogen connection for one of the industrial powerhouses in North Rhine-Westphalia – a clear signal for the transition into the hydrogen economy and another milestone for our hydrogen network planning.”


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