China Achieves Remarkable 93% Increase in Renewable Energy Capacity in First Nine Months

has reported a substantial upswing in newly-added installed capacity of during the first nine months of the year. According to the National Energy Administration (NEA), this surge, reaching a remarkable 172 million kilowatts, marks a substantial 93 percent increase compared to the same period in the preceding year.

The NEA's recent announcement highlights the growing significance of renewable energy in China's energy landscape, with renewable sources accounting for a significant portion of the country's newly-added installed capacity of power generation during the period, amounting to 76 percent.

As of the end of September, China's total installed capacity for renewable energy had reached a staggering 1.38 billion kilowatts. This remarkable figure constitutes 49.6 percent of the country's total installed power generation capacity, surpassing the capacity of coal-fired power sources.

Breaking down the composition of this renewable energy capacity, China boasts 419 million kilowatts of , 400 million kilowatts of wind power, 521 million kilowatts of power, and 43 million kilowatts of power. These diverse sources collectively underline China's multifaceted approach to harnessing clean and sustainable energy.

The nation's impressive strides in renewable energy underscore its resolve to not only combat environmental challenges but also to lead in the global transition towards a greener and more sustainable future. With renewable energy now surpassing coal, China stands as a beacon of progress in the world of sustainable power generation.


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