Serco Achieves Full Solar Energy Reliance at Boksburg Facility

, a manufacturer specializing in truck and trailer body-building, has reached a significant milestone by achieving complete reliance on energy at its facility located in Boksburg, Gauteng, South .

This achievement is the result of a well-executed 150 kW hybrid solar system, comprising 370 high-efficiency 405 W solar panels, complemented by high-voltage inverters and 320 kW of battery storage. Serco had previously implemented a successful solar power solution at its Durban factory in 2019, resulting in substantial reductions in emissions.

The Durban solar system serves as a model of sustainable energy use, providing power during daylight hours while seamlessly transitioning to the grid during the night. This approach has significantly curtailed electricity expenses, reducing costs by up to 75%. In contrast, the Boksburg system operates around the clock, eliminating the necessity for a backup generator and contributing to a reduction in diesel consumption.

Serco's commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainable manufacturing is further exemplified by their plans to introduce solar power at their Cape Town facility in the near future. CEO Clinton Holcroft emphasized the company's dedication to addressing environmental challenges and promoting sustainable business practices.

This accomplishment at the Boksburg facility underscores the positive impact of adoption within the industrial sector and serves as a testament to Serco's ongoing commitment to reducing its environmental footprint.


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