MTU Aero Engines Completes Second Geothermal Well Drilling in Munich Project

has successfully concluded drilling and testing of the second well at its site in Munich, . The completion marks a pivotal step as MTU prepares to dismantle the drilling rig and commence construction of the heating plant by the end of July.

Known as the Allach Th2 well, it was drilled over a distance of more than one kilometer with an inclination of approximately 65 degrees northward, reaching a final depth of 3,104 meters measured depth (mMD) and 2,110 meters true vertical depth (TVD) into the Malmkarst formation.

During short-term pumping tests conducted over two weeks, the well demonstrated a production rate of about 100 liters per second, exhibiting minimal pressure drop and maintaining a temperature exceeding 70°C. These results align closely with project expectations, positioning the Allach Th2 well among the top performers in the Molasse Basin for hydraulic efficiency, similar to its predecessor, Allach Th1.

MTU initiated drilling for its geothermal project in January 2024 and completed the work well within the allocated six-month timeframe for the geothermal doublet.

ERDWERK has overseen the project since 2020, managing key phases including initial investigations, regulatory approvals, feasibility studies, detailed planning, and procurement processes. German drilling firm Daldrup & Söhne AG was awarded the general contract for constructing the geothermal doublet.


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