Naturgy and Lecta Group Strike Biomethane Supply Deal for Sustainable Industrial Operations

Spanish energy company has secured a significant agreement with the Lecta Group, enabling the supply of renewable gas to bolster the industrial group's sustainability initiatives.

Under the terms of the deal, sourced by Naturgy will be utilized at Lecta's production facilities in Leitza and Zaragoza, marking a pivotal step towards reducing emissions in their operations.

This marks Naturgy's second major industrial contract for biomethane sales, following a similar deal with Inditex earlier this year. The renewable gas supplied by Naturgy comes with certified Guarantees of Origin and Sustainability Tests, crucial for helping Lecta offset emissions associated with its activities and meet sustainability targets.

The volume of biomethane supplied under the agreement is equivalent to the annual gas consumption of over 800 homes and is expected to mitigate approximately 740 tons of CO2 emissions annually. This reduction is comparable to the emissions from 500 cars, highlighting the environmental impact of the initiative.

, according to a report by Sedigas and PwC, has the potential to produce 163 terawatt-hours (TWh) of biomethane annually, nearly half of the country's consumption. Promoting the production and consumption of biomethane is seen as a key strategy in Spain's efforts to decarbonise its energy sector effectively.

The agreement between Lecta and Naturgy underscores Lecta's commitment to sustainability and enhances the competitiveness of its Spanish production units. This partnership reflects a broader trend towards decarbonisation among industrial players, positioning biomethane as a pivotal component in achieving environmental goals.


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