European Hydrogen Associations Urge EU to Prioritize EU-Made Electrolysers in Hydrogen Bank Projects

associations from several European countries have collectively appealed to the European Commission, urging alignment of the Hydrogen Bank's criteria with the Net Zero Industry Act. In a letter dated July 5, the associations advocate for prioritizing projects that utilize electrolysers manufactured within the EU, emphasizing resilience, social aspects, cybersecurity, and safety standards as critical prequalification criteria.

The letter underscores the potential synergy between decarbonization and reindustrialization within the EU, highlighting the societal benefits of fostering a robust hydrogen industry domestically.

Furthermore, the signatories, including groups from France, Germany, and Italy, among others, applaud the ongoing commissioning of Gigafactories under the Important Projects of Common European Interest (IPCEI). They anticipate these developments will enable the EU to achieve self-sufficiency in hydrogen production by 2030 through domestic manufacturing.

Simultaneously, the associations welcome the announcement of the second Hydrogen Bank auction, aimed at de-risking initial industrial-scale projects. This initiative, along with the auction-as-a-service for national support schemes, is viewed as pivotal in scaling up Europe's hydrogen sector.

Earlier this month, European electrolyser industry companies, including , Sunfire, and , echoed similar sentiments in a letter to the European Commission President. They stressed the need for robust resilience criteria in Hydrogen Bank funding to support a resilient European electrolyser industry and ensure quality job creation across the continent.

The letter cautions against the potential pitfalls observed in past industry developments and emphasizes the critical nature of the next few years for the hydrogen sector's growth and sustainability.


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