European Commission Expands Probe into Chinese Turbine Manufacturers Amid Subsidy Concerns

The European Commission has extended its investigation into Chinese turbine manufacturers to encompass additional member states, including , after receiving alerts about potential market distortions linked to foreign subsidies, an EC spokeswoman confirmed on Tuesday.

“Since the opening of a preliminary review under the Foreign Subsidies Regulation regarding the conditions for the development of certain wind projects in , , , , and Bulgaria, we have received further information indicating potential distortions in the development of wind projects in other member states, including in Germany,” she said.

“We have sent requests for information to further assess this information and the existence of potential foreign subsidies distorting the internal market.”

This development follows Brussels' earlier investigation into alleged unfair trade practices across Bulgaria, France, Greece, Romania, and Spain.

In April, Margarethe Vestager, the Commission's Executive Vice-President for Competition, expressed concerns over substantial Chinese wind turbine overcapacities, warning of threats to both competitiveness and economic security.


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