GE Vernova Secures Contract for 48MW Battery Energy Storage System in Cornwall

GE Vernova has been selected by Varco Energy to supply a 48MW energy storage system (BESS) for the Sambar Power project in Cornwall, underscoring efforts to strengthen integration in the .

According to James Mills, Director at Varco Energy, “BESS are critical to help balance the intermittent nature of renewable energy generation and break the UK's reliance on fossil fuels. We are therefore delighted to collaborate with GE Vernova on the 47.5MW – two-hour duration – Sambar Power project.”

The GE Vernova FLEXRESERVOIR solution will incorporate FLEXIQ Controls, FLEXINVERTER central inverters, and Battery DC-Blocks, tailored to meet project capacity requirements. This infrastructure aims to provide essential balancing and capacity services to support the stability of the .

Varco Energy, supported by Adaptogen Capital, focuses on developing flexible storage assets to optimize renewable energy utilization and bolster grid resilience across the UK.

This project marks Varco Energy's third BESS initiative and their second collaboration with GE Vernova, reflecting ongoing efforts to expand utility-scale battery storage capabilities nationwide.


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