Global WindEnergy Trend Index Shows Improved Sentiment in Europe, Mixed Views Elsewhere

The latest WindEnergy Trend Index, jointly compiled by WindEnergy Hamburg and wind:research, reveals a volatile global mood in the and sectors, with notable improvements in sentiment across .

The report focuses on assessing the potential of wind energy, encompassing both onshore and offshore segments. According to this year's WEtix report, assessments of the onshore and offshore wind markets in Germany and the EU are markedly more positive compared to previous surveys. However, perspectives from , Asia, and other global regions are somewhat less optimistic.

Projections for the global average rated output of new offshore turbines by 2030 have risen substantially, from 18MW to 19MW. Key challenges hindering further expansion of wind energy, such as grid expansion and permitting, are perceived as less critical in the offshore segment compared to onshore.

Positive shifts in perceptions regarding market developments and economic conditions are evident in Germany and Europe. The long-term expectations for market growth in Europe now align with those in Asia for the onshore segment and surpass Asia for offshore projects, as indicated in the latest WEtix report.

The report paints a varied picture for the second half of 2023, with overall global market assessments remaining positive while showing nuanced regional differences. Short-term outlooks for the onshore segment in Asia, North America, and other regions indicate a decline, whereas short-term prospects for offshore remain positive across all regions. However, long-term predictions show a notable downturn in North America, with slight declines also noted in Asia and other parts of the world.

Compared to the previous six-month period, the business environment for wind energy receives largely positive ratings in this survey, with Europe and Germany showing recent improvements. North America and other global regions have fallen below Europe's assessment levels, while Asia's outlook is less favorable in comparison.


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