Huisman Secures Contracts for Cadeler’s Offshore Wind Vessels

, a supplier in the industry, has announced two contract awards from for their latest offshore wind vessels.

The agreements encompass the design and construction of specialized crane systems and monopile handling equipment, underscoring advancements in offshore wind installation capabilities.

“We are honored to expand our partnerships with COSCO and Cadeler,” said David Roodenburg, CEO of Huisman. “Our track record in designing and building cranes for the F-, M-, and P-Class vessels has now culminated in these exciting projects for the A-Class.”

One contract involves the design and construction of a leg encircling crane (LEC) and a pedestal mounted crane for Cadeler's newest A-Class new-build . The LEC, weighing over 3000 metric tons, is tailored to handle the largest foundation dimensions anticipated in the offshore wind sector.

According to Huisman, these cranes are designed to be lightweight, energy-efficient, and precise, contributing to reduced emissions during turbine installation.

Additionally, Huisman will provide an upending frame and monopile storage system for Wind Ally, another A-Class jack-up vessel in Cadeler's fleet. This system is designed to optimize storage capacity on the vessel, accommodating up to five foundations with diameters reaching 12.5 meters per trip. The upending frame supports monopiles ranging from 80 to 120 meters in length, incorporating safety enhancements and automation features to streamline operations.


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