Field Expands into Spain with Plans for Massive Battery Storage Deployment

Field, a battery storage firm, has announced its expansion into Spain, led by General Manager Toni Martinez, as part of its ambitious strategy to deploy hundreds of megawatts of storage capacity in the country by 2030.

Founded in 2021, Field specializes in developing, building, and operating . After establishing operations in Italy last year, the company is now poised to introduce battery storage solutions in Spain. The move aligns with Spain's aggressive renewable energy goals, aiming to achieve 81% clean energy generation by 2030, according to the developer.

Spain's draft National Energy and Climate Plan forecasts significant growth in utility-scale solar and wind capacities, with plans to deploy 22GW of energy storage by the end of the decade. However, Field's analysis reveals challenges posed by frequent instances of electricity trading at zero or negative values in 2024, with over 573 hours recorded, and April marking the highest number of such occurrences this year at 263 hours.

“The excessive negative pricing in Spain's electricity market underscores the surplus of renewable generation and highlights the necessity for storage solutions to balance supply and demand,” noted Field. The company emphasizes that increased battery storage capacity can mitigate these price fluctuations by storing or discharging electricity during high or low supply periods, thereby enhancing grid stability.

Field's infrastructure, strategically located in areas with high demand and renewable energy concentrations, aims to support national grid operator in managing grid saturation challenges.

Toni Martinez, appointed as General Manager in 2023 to lead Field's Spanish operations from its new Barcelona office, brings extensive experience from his previous roles at GIA Power and . Martinez expressed enthusiasm about contributing to Spain's energy transition and emphasized the critical role of battery storage in achieving net-zero emissions goals.

Field CEO Amit Gudka highlighted the importance of regulatory support in facilitating the deployment of battery storage solutions. “Without battery storage, renewable energy cannot scale at the necessary pace to decarbonize effectively,” Gudka stated, emphasizing the potential of Field's technologies to optimize existing transmission infrastructure and renewable energy supplies.

The expansion into Spain marks a significant growth phase for Field, with over 4.5GWh of projects currently in advanced stages of development across .

“We're committed to supporting Spain's increasing renewable energy generation and advancing our decarbonization strategy,” Martinez concluded. “I look forward to expanding our team and delivering the infrastructure needed to accelerate Spain's path to net zero.”


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