Wavepiston and Orsted Partner to Explore Offshore Wind and Wave Energy Integration

Danish start-up Wavepiston has entered into a partnership with , a leading player in green energy, to investigate the potential of co-locating wind and wave energy technologies in their home market.

The collaboration, announced by Wavepiston on Thursday, aims to explore synergies between the two sources, focusing on enhancing overall energy output efficiency and reliability.

Wavepiston's Chief Commercial Officer, Emiel Schut, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration's potential benefits. “We are excited about the opportunities this collaboration presents and the positive impact it can have on the environment and energy market of the future,” Schut remarked.

The partnership will assess several advantages, including leveraging shared for cost efficiencies, achieving a more stable electricity supply, and reducing the environmental footprint associated with energy production offshore.

Wavepiston recently marked a milestone with the installation of its first full-scale energy collector at , Gran Canaria, in February.


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