Engie Breaks Ground on 200MW Battery Park in Vilvoorde, Belgium

has commenced construction on a significant renewable energy initiative with the groundbreaking ceremony for its new 200MW park at the site in . The event, attended by Mayor Hans Bonte, marks a pivotal step in bolstering the region's energy infrastructure to support sustainability goals.

Following the receipt of construction permits in July 2023 and selection for a capacity payment in October 2023, Engie swiftly initiated work on the 3.5-hectare site. The battery park will house 320 modules measuring 25 meters by four meters by three meters, capable of storing 800 MWh of power. Once operational, it will contribute to stability by supplying stored energy equivalent to the consumption needs of approximately 96,000 households.

Vincent Verbeke, Chief Executive of Engie Belgium, emphasized the project's role in enhancing energy flexibility amid increasing reliance on intermittent renewable sources. “Our commitment remains steadfast as we strive to meet the rising demand for flexibility in energy provision, ensuring sustainable, reliable, and cost-effective solutions,” Verbeke stated.

Mayor Hans Bonte highlighted the project's transformative impact on Vilvoorde's energy landscape, positioning the site as a crucial component in Belgium's transition to sustainable energy. “The Vilvoorde site's evolution from traditional energy production to environmentally friendly practices underscores our commitment to a green and sustainable future,” Bonte remarked. He also emphasized the city's efforts to integrate the battery park with recreational areas, enhancing Vilvoorde's environmental and community-oriented initiatives.

Engie's broader strategy includes developing two additional battery projects in Kallo (100MW) and Drogenbos (80MW), aligning with its global ambition to install 10GW of battery storage by 2030. These initiatives underscore Engie's proactive stance in advancing renewable energy solutions to meet evolving energy demands worldwide.


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