European Energy Advances 500 MW Renewable Projects in Romania

European Energy A/S, a prominent Danish renewables developer, has secured connection approvals for approximately 500 MW of and wind projects in , signaling progress towards the construction phase. With a robust development pipeline exceeding 1.5 GW across Romania, the company is actively pursuing grid connection approvals for its remaining projects.

“We view Romania as a highly promising market,” stated Ioannis Kalapodas, head of European Energy's Romania office. “The forthcoming auction under the Contract for Difference scheme, targeting 5 GW, is poised to accelerate the deployment of additional wind and solar projects.”

European Energy anticipates that hybrid projects integrating solar, wind, and storage technologies will play a pivotal role in driving development in Romania. The company also emphasizes the importance of establishing clear regulations for guarantees of origin, which could stimulate corporate power purchase agreements and further bolster the renewable energy sector in the country.

The grid connection approvals represent a significant step forward for European Energy's expansion strategy in Romania, aligning with the nation's renewable energy goals and regulatory frameworks.


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