EnBW and Heerema Achieve Noise Reduction Breakthrough at He Dreiht Offshore Wind Project

and Marine Contractors have successfully demonstrated significant noise reduction techniques during the installation of the 960MW He Dreiht wind project in the German Bight. The project utilized the T-NMS-10000, a pioneering noise mitigation system developed in collaboration with IQIP, featuring a double big bubble curtain and IQIP's PULSE system, effectively reducing underwater noise levels by up to 24 decibels (dB).

The T-NMS-10000 acts as a large-scale subsea noise barrier specifically designed for monopiles, containing internal noise emissions and aligning with stringent environmental regulations in the German Bight, which limit noise levels to a maximum of 160 dB at 750 meters from the source.

Stefanie Hoper, project manager at EnBW, emphasized the project's commitment to sustainability, stating, “By pioneering the T-NMS-10000, Heerema, IQIP, and EnBW not only meet regulatory requirements but also contribute to a sustainable future and set an example for sustainable marine construction.”

Heerema's senior project manager, Erik Bogels, highlighted the system's performance and impact, saying, “This new tool not only significantly reduces the noise levels generated during pile driving but also sets a new standard for sustainable marine construction practices.”


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