Rhode Island Governor Signs Law Mandating 600 MW Energy Storage Capacity by 2033

Governor Daniel McKee has recently enacted a significant legislative act requiring the state to achieve 600 megawatts (MW) of energy storage capacity in operation by 2033.

The Energy Storage Systems Act of 2024 also establishes interim targets of 90 MW of storage capacity by 2026 and 195 MW by 2028. Signed into law on June 26, the legislation is part of Rhode Island's broader efforts to slash economy-wide greenhouse gas emissions across its , heating, and transportation sectors, aiming to meet 100% of its electricity demand with by 2030.

Aligned with these new goals, the Rhode Island Bank will develop programs aimed at facilitating the deployment of energy storage technologies across all sectors. Additionally, the Rhode Island Public Utility Commission (PSC) is tasked with creating frameworks to promote the adoption of -connected energy storage and may mandate utility companies to procure cost-effective storage systems.

“Energy storage is flexible, reliable, affordable, and a game-changer for Rhode Island's energy grid,” commented Kat Burnham, Rhode Island state manager for the national business association Advanced Energy United.


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