Ventient Energy and Renantis Launch Nadara to Manage 4.2GW Renewable Energy Portfolio

Ventient Energy and have unveiled Nadara, a newly established brand tasked with overseeing a diverse portfolio encompassing 4.2GW of wind, , biomass, and energy storage assets across and the . The venture aims to leverage its combined expertise to pursue an ambitious 18GW development pipeline over the next decade.

“At Nadara, we are already operating at scale. Our newly combined position as one of Europe's largest independent renewable energy companies gives us the flexibility and agility to scale even more efficiently,” stated Nadara CEO Toni Volpe.

The company, which boasts operations in key markets such as the UK, Italy, France, Spain, and , intends to forge sustainable partnerships with local communities and businesses. Volpe emphasized Nadara's commitment to delivering reliable power and societal benefits alongside decarbonization efforts.

With a workforce exceeding 1,000 employees, Nadara is positioned to expand its footprint in the renewable energy sector, focusing on enhancing operational efficiency and fostering impactful collaborations globally.


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