AEP Files Lawsuit Against GE Vernova Over Wind Turbine Failures in Oklahoma

() has initiated legal action against , alleging breach of contract and breach of warranty regarding the purchase of hundreds of wind turbines for projects in . According to court documents filed with the Supreme Court of the State of New York, AEP claims that GE Vernova's wind turbine generators have exhibited significant defects and failures shortly after entering commercial operation.

“Within only two to three years of commercial operation, the GE wind turbine generators have exhibited numerous material defects on major components and experienced several complete failures, at least one turbine liberation event, and other deficiencies,” AEP alleged in the filing.

The lawsuit, filed on June 28, 2024, asserts that a substantial portion of the turbines have failed or become inoperable, necessitating immediate repairs, with additional defects expected to lead to future failures requiring costly repairs. AEP stated it has already incurred millions of dollars in costs and anticipates further expenses to meet energy production requirements.

AEP seeks cash damages and a declaratory judgment holding GE Vernova liable for anticipated future turbine failures. In response, a spokesperson for GE Vernova expressed disappointment and reaffirmed their commitment to working closely with AEP.

“We care deeply about our customers and their success and will continue to work closely with AEP. We are currently reviewing the litigation and do not have any further comment at this time,” the spokesperson stated.


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