Midsummer Secures Funding for Thin-Film Solar Manufacturing Plant in Italy

Swedish thin-film manufacturer has secured approximately €8 million (US$8.6 million) in to advance its copper indium gallium selenide (CIGS) thin-film cell manufacturing plant in Bari, . The investment, facilitated by the Italian investment authority Invitalia, marks a significant step in enhancing the company's production capabilities in Europe's solar market.

This funding supplements previous financial support from Italian authorities, including grants and soft loans totaling around US$44 million received in 2021. According to Midsummer, this latest infusion is part of a broader commitment from Invitalia, with an initial installment of approximately €6.4 million disbursed last year. Additional financial contributions are anticipated from the Puglia regional authority, alongside a production-related payment slated for 2025.

“All production equipment for the site is now installed, positioning the Bari facility to scale up production in tandem with increased sales and pending factory and product certifications,” stated Eric Jaremalm, CEO of Midsummer. He emphasized, “The Bari factory positions us as a leader in thin-film solar cells in Europe, particularly targeting the extensive market of weak industrial roofs that cannot support traditional silicon panels.”

In parallel, Midsummer is planning a 200MW CIGS thin-film cell factory in Flen, , alongside other European solar manufacturers funded through the EU Innovation Fund. This initiative aims to commence production by 2026, catering specifically to specialized residential and corporate & industrial (C&I) rooftop markets across Europe.

The move towards specialized manufacturing reflects ongoing efforts within Europe's solar PV industry to carve out a niche in emerging technologies tailored for specific market segments. Despite challenges posed by China's dominance in large-scale silicon solar production, proponents believe that focused technological innovation could sustain Europe's position in the global solar energy landscape.


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