LG Energy Solution Shifts Focus to 46-Series Battery Production at Arizona Plant

(LGES) has announced a strategic pivot towards prioritizing the production of 46-series battery cells at its newly established $5.5 billion facility in Arizona. The battery supplier has temporarily halted the construction of its system (ESS) battery production line at the plant to concentrate on assembling 46-series cylindrical cells.

In a statement, LGES explained, “We are adjusting the pace of planned investment execution efficiently and flexibly according to market conditions, and focusing on optimizing our operations. Temporarily suspending the construction of the Arizona ESS battery facility is part of such efforts.”

The 46-series cells, which are pivotal in the (EV) industry, are widely associated with 's innovative 4680 batteries known for their enhanced performance and energy density.

LG Energy Solution plans to commence production of 4680 cells in South by August 2024 at its Ochang Factory, with an initial production capacity estimated at 8 GWh annually. The company aims to supply these advanced 46-series cells to Tesla and other leading automakers.


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