John Kerry Emphasizes Deploying Sufficient Capital for Clean Economy Goals

, former US Special Presidential Envoy for , has redirected his efforts towards mobilizing capital for climate initiatives following his departure from the envoy role, he announced during an event this week.

Speaking virtually at the Green Transition Forum 4.0 in , Bulgaria, Kerry highlighted his commitment to tackling what he sees as the central challenge: ensuring sufficient capital deployment to drive the transition to a clean economy. He stressed the critical nature of this endeavor for global climate efforts, noting, “Now, that has to happen, or we don't win this battle.”

Kerry acknowledged progress in clean energy investments, noting that for the first time, more capital is flowing into renewables than fossil fuels. He referenced figures indicating approximately USD 2 trillion went into clean energy last year, compared to USD 1 trillion for fossil fuels.

Regarding technological advancements, Kerry expressed optimism about the development of solutions such as advanced batteries and technologies. He noted improvements in battery efficiency and cost reductions in solar and wind power, underscoring their role in achieving climate targets outlined by the IPCC.

While Kerry advocated for nuclear energy as a tool in the climate fight, he emphasized the urgency of developing small modular reactors to support heavy industries with high energy demands.

Dimitar Enchev, co-founder and CEO of CWP Global, echoed Kerry's views on nuclear energy while emphasizing the immediate need to prioritize sources to swiftly reduce reliance on coal in Europe.

In concluding remarks, Kerry urged proactive engagement in deploying technologies and implementing sensible policies to address climate challenges, emphasizing the transformative economic potential of the global energy transition.


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