EDF Renewables Ireland and Circle K Forge Solar Power Deal for Irish Operations

Ireland and Circle K have entered into a significant Corporate Power Purchase Agreement (CPPA) aimed at advancing sustainable energy practices across Ireland. The agreement will see Circle K, a prominent retailer in Ireland, sourcing from three farms operated by EDF Renewables Ireland in Wexford and Kilkenny.

Starting from October 2024 and lasting until 2036, the CPPA will ensure that all 168 company-owned Circle K sites in Ireland are powered by . The three solar farms—Blusheens, Coolroe, and Curraghmartin—boasting a combined capacity of 17MW, became operational in March 2023, marking early entries into Ireland's solar energy landscape.

Ryanne Burges, Director for offshore and Ireland at EDF Renewables and Ireland, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “We are pleased to have agreed our first CPPA in Ireland with Circle K, supporting them in their efforts to further decarbonise both their business and Ireland's transport sector.”

Circle K Ireland managing director Ciara Foxton underscored the strategic importance of the agreement, emphasizing, “As a business, we are committed to implementing environmentally sustainable practices across our operations and this agreement enables us to make real progress against this commitment.”

Apart from powering its network of service stations, Circle K plans to utilize solar energy to bolster its electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure. Already equipped with advanced EV charging capabilities through partnerships with Ionity, ESB, and Tesla, Circle K aims to enhance accessibility to renewable energy for its customers.

“We are hugely excited that our EV charging infrastructure will also be powered using solar energy from October 2024 offering our customers access to renewable energy,” Foxton added.

The move aligns with Ireland's ambitions to achieve net-zero emissions, leveraging CPPAs as pivotal instruments in fostering a cleaner energy landscape. This initiative is expected to save approximately 7,570 tonnes of CO2 annually, reinforcing Circle K's commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship.


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