Avangrid Launches National Training Center in Oregon

has unveiled its cutting-edge National Training Center (NTC) in , strategically located near its operational wind and farms. Pedro Azagra, Avangrid's chief executive, expressed enthusiasm, stating, “It was a pleasure to celebrate the grand opening of the National Training Center today alongside our dedicated Oregon and employees, and I am proud to see this project come to life.”

The NTC aims to centralize training for technicians across Avangrid's onshore portfolio, facilitating rapid upskilling in wind and solar technologies. This initiative is poised to meet the soaring demand for skilled technicians in the clean energy sector, identified by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics as the fastest-growing job market through 2032.

“With this new facility,” Azagra emphasized, “we are committed to accelerating the clean energy transition by equipping our workforce with the expertise needed to maintain and expand our renewable energy projects effectively.”

The center will train over 200 employees annually, utilizing state-of-the-art virtual reality and mixed reality technologies to simulate real-world scenarios and enhance safety protocols. A dedicated 30-foot tower on-site will simulate turbine environments, providing hands-on emergency response training at heights—a critical component for wind industry safety.

Moreover, the NTC features a fully functional nacelle for practical maintenance exercises, ensuring technicians are well-prepared for challenges in wind farm and solar plant operations.


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