TenneT Completes Cable Burial for Hollandse Kust West Offshore Wind Farm

has successfully concluded the cable burial operations for the offshore wind farm, marking a significant milestone in the project's development off the coast of Velsen-Noord.

The endeavor involved burying 3.5 kilometers of TenneT's second sea cable, which connects the wind farm to the national electricity . Project manager Robert Koens, speaking on behalf of TenneT, expressed confidence in the project's progress, stating, “We expect to be able to return the beach cleared and safely at the end of July.”

Contractor NBOS is currently engaged in connecting the newly buried cable to the existing seabed using advanced sleeve connections. This phase of the operation is being managed by installation ship Ndurance and burial ship Ndeavor, supported by the CBT 2400 burial machine, ensuring the cable's secure integration into deeper waters.

Despite challenging weather conditions in recent weeks, Koens praised the efficiency of NBOS, noting, “When a favorable work window opened up a few days ago, the execution really went smoothly.”

The cables play a pivotal role in TenneT's efforts to integrate the Hollandse Kust West Beta offshore wind farm, located 53 kilometers off the coast of Egmond aan Zee, into the . Once operational, this connection will facilitate the transmission of electricity generated by wind turbines to the mainland.

“The base for the socket was recently successfully placed on the seabed, and the ready-made superstructure will be installed in the spring of 2025,” Koens added, outlining the project's timeline. Following extensive testing, the connection is slated for operational readiness next year, enabling wind farm operator RWE/OranjeWind to commence turbine installations.

The electricity from the wind farm will be routed behind the dunes to the transformer station in Wijk aan Zee, where it will undergo voltage elevation to 380kV before distribution into the national grid.


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