Cipher Neutron Sets New Efficiency Record in Hydrogen Production

Canadian firm achieves 94.36% efficiency with innovative electrolyser technology

Canadian equipment company Inc (CN) has achieved a record-high efficiency of 94.36% on its Anion Exchange Membrane (AEM) electrolyser stack, marking a significant milestone in the sector.

The firm announced this achievement last week, emphasizing its potential to reduce production costs for green hydrogen through improved efficiency.

According to Cipher Neutron, their AEM electrolysers now require only 41.754 kWh to produce 1 kg of hydrogen, excluding purification losses.

This advancement is expected to enhance the viability of large-scale hydrogen production facilities, with a 100-MW plant projected to increase annual hydrogen output by nearly 20% compared to conventional electrolyser systems.

Cipher Neutron attributed the breakthrough to several critical factors, including “the system's unique flow fields design, its unique ink recipe combined with an in-house developed coating mechanism, as well as advanced cell compression techniques, and zero-gap cell technology.” The company underscored that its electrolysers are PFAS-free and do not require , distinguishing them further in terms of sustainability and cost-effectiveness in hydrogen production.


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