Elements Green Gains Approval for 360-MW Battery Storage Project in UK

developer has received planning permission for its 36MW Staythorpe energy storage system located in Nottinghamshire. The project, slated for energisation in August 2026 with a planned operational lifespan of 40 years, aims to serve approximately 150,000 households with a peak capacity of 360MW and the ability to store 720MWh.

Elements Green anticipates that the project will prevent around 1.8 million tonnes of CO2 emissions over its operational lifetime, which is equivalent to removing 37,500 cars from the road.

“Securing planning permission is a remarkable achievement for our team,” remarked Elements Green Executive Chairman Mark Turner. “We are preparing to begin construction and bring our vision to life, creating not only a state-of-the-art energy storage solution but also making a positive contribution to the local environment with additional planting and the creation of a permissive path.”

The project will be integrated into the existing substation at Staythorpe, continuing the Trent Valley's historical role in supplying power to the UK.

During construction, the project is expected to generate 30-50 high-skilled jobs, and a community benefit trust will help subsidize energy bills for households within the parish.

Turner emphasized the project's significance in meeting UK government targets for carbon neutrality by 2050: “More is needed to fast-track away from fossil fuels, and energy storage and large-scale solar development are recognized as having an important role in achieving this.”


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