German Economy Minister Emphasizes China’s Crucial Role in Global Climate Goals

German Economy Minister highlighted 's pivotal role in achieving global objectives during his visit to the country. Speaking in Hangzhou following discussions in Beijing, Habeck emphasized the necessity of Chinese cooperation in tackling climate change.

“Without China it would not be possible to meet the climate targets globally,” Habeck told reporters, acknowledging the critical nature of collaboration despite current challenges. He noted that while other issues currently take precedence, addressing global warming remains a key challenge that demands strengthened ties with China.

Habeck also addressed China's energy policies, noting concerns raised by Chinese officials about expanding coal production for security reasons. “China also imports large amounts of gas and oil and China has already seen what has happened in and in the last two years,” he remarked, referring to energy crises exacerbated by geopolitical events.

Highlighting the need for alternatives to coal, Habeck emphasized China's awareness of the environmental impacts. “You don't have to teach them that CO2 emissions are bad for the climate. They've got that,” he added, stressing the importance of finding secure alternatives that reduce reliance on coal-fired power plants.

During his visit, Habeck also discussed trade issues, including potential tariffs on Chinese electric vehicles entering the European market. Chinese and EU officials agreed to initiate talks on the matter, underscoring ongoing economic discussions between the two regions.



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