GP JOULE Completes 83 MW Solar Park Integration in North Germany

German energy solutions firm GP JOULE GmbH announced on Tuesday the operational launch of an 83 MW park in East Frisia, a region in northwestern Germany. The facility, integrated into Friesen Elektra Green Energy AG's existing wind farm Sande, marks a significant advancement in hybrid renewable energy .

The solar installation, comprising over 145,000 modules spread across 95 hectares under existing wind turbines, is expected to generate approximately 80,000 gigawatt hours (GWh) of annually. This output is sufficient to power more than 26,600 households.

GP JOULE disclosed plans for further expansion, aiming to add an additional 37 MW to the solar park in the near future.

The Sande wind farm, originally established in 1999, now boasts a combined installed capacity of around 107 MW following the integration of solar modules in April 2024.

Friesen Elektra Green Energy AG, which entered into an agreement last October to supply solar power to German steel maker AG from the hybrid site, is also exploring opportunities in production. The company anticipates completing a 2 gigawatt (GW) electrolysis project by 2030, as outlined in their recent statement.


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