Boskalis Commences Installation of Second Export Cable for TenneT’s Offshore Wind Project

Dutch marine contractor has commenced the installation of the second nearshore export for 's 700MW Hollandse Kust (West Beta) wind farm in the North Sea.

The operation, led by Boskalis' cable-laying vessel, Giant 7, began this week following the successful completion of the first cable installation. Boskalis' specialized burial sledge tool, BSSIII, is assisting in laying the cable in the shallow waters near the shore and on the beach.

Offshore, Boskalis' Ndurance vessel has taken over the task of laying the export cable approximately 4 kilometers from the coastline. The trenches for the cables in the seabed are being prepared by Boskalis' trailing suction hopper dredger, Gateway.

Additionally, Boskalis will install a 9-kilometer-long 66kV interconnector cable between TenneT's Hollandse Kust (West Alpha) and Hollandse Kust (West Beta) offshore connector platforms.

This initiative is a crucial step towards enhancing renewable energy infrastructure in the North Sea and aligns with the ' renewable energy objectives.


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