Deep Wind Offshore Secures 1GW Offshore Wind Project in Estonia

has successfully secured a significant offshore wind project in , marking a pivotal step in the nation's ambitions. The company was awarded the Saare 2.1 tract, encompassing 164 square kilometers off Saaremaa Island.

This area, situated in waters ranging from 29 to 66 meters deep, boasts optimal wind conditions for efficient energy generation, according to the developer.

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Knut Vassbotn, Chief Executive of Deep Wind Offshore, expressed enthusiasm about the project, stating, “Estonia is turning ambitions into action, and we are really excited to have been awarded this site.” He emphasized the project's role in helping Estonia achieve its climate targets, enhancing energy security, establishing value chains, and fostering job creation.

The auction, part of the Baltic region's broader initiative to open up 20GW of offshore wind zones by 2030, underscores Estonia's commitment to renewable energy expansion.

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Deep Wind Offshore plans to develop over 10GW of offshore wind capacity within the next decade, positioning Estonia as a core market in their strategic portfolio.


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