Uniper to Invest €250m in Recommissioning 160MW Happurg Pumped Storage Plant in Bavaria

has announced plans to recommission the Happurg pumped storage plant, a 160MW facility located near Nuremberg in , . The plant is scheduled to return to the grid in 2028, following an investment of around €250m.

“This investment is part of our previously announced strategy to invest in growth and transformation towards a greener business,” said Michael Lewis, CEO of Uniper. “We want 80 percent of our generation capacity to be carbon neutral by 2030, and the Happurg pumped storage plant will be an important strategic part of that.”

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With a drop height of 209 meters, the Happurg plant has the capacity to store approximately 850 megawatt-hours (MWh) of in the form of pumped water. Uniper, Germany's largest operator, views the recommissioning of the Happurg plant as a vital step in ensuring a reliable power supply in the south and demonstrating its commitment to the energy transition.

The Happurg plant was shut down in 2011 due to localized damage at the base of the upper reservoir. Since then, Uniper has conducted intensive subsoil investigations and geotechnical assessments, examining various remediation approaches. A feasibility study was subsequently conducted to develop and refine a technical concept for the rehabilitation of the upper basin, allowing for the plant to be restarted economically.

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The technical concept for the rehabilitation of the upper basin has been reviewed and approved by the District Office of Nuremberg as part of a planning approval procedure. Additionally, as part of the overall project, the equipment in the powerhouse will be overhauled, ensuring the plant's reliability and efficiency in its new phase of operation.


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