Petrobras Partners with Rio de Janeiro Government for Offshore Wind Pilot Project

's state-run oil and gas giant, , has entered into a protocol of intentions with the Rio de Janeiro state government to explore the feasibility of an wind power pilot project, the company announced on Tuesday.

Under the agreement, Petrobras will conduct studies aimed at testing new technologies and assessing the viability of offshore wind energy. These studies are expected to identify technical challenges and potential solutions to enhance competitiveness in the sector, paving the way for future offshore wind opportunities once regulations are finalized.

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“This initiative will enable Petrobras to analyze future offshore wind opportunities currently under review in the National Congress,” said Carlos Travassos, Director of Engineering and Technology at Petrobras.

The size of the investment and the potential capacity of the offshore wind project were not disclosed in the statement.

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In addition to the offshore wind initiative, Petrobras highlighted its collaboration with the Rio de Janeiro government on a protocol of intentions for jointly evaluating a hub for carbon dioxide (CO2) capture and storage in the northern region of the state.


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