Maxeon Solar Files New Patent Lawsuit in Germany Against Aiko Energy Units

Technologies Ltd announced on Wednesday its initiation of a new infringement lawsuit in against European units and partners of Shanghai Aiko Solar Energy Co Ltd. The lawsuit targets entities including Germany GmbH, Solarlab Aiko Europe GmbH, Aiko Energy Netherlands BV, and several European partners such as Memodo, Libra, VDH, PowerDeal, and Coenergia. The case has been filed in the Düsseldorf Local Division of the Court of First Instance of Unified Patent Court.

According to Maxeon, the lawsuit asserts infringement of a patent related to solar cell technology. Concurrently, Maxeon is appealing a preliminary injunction decision issued on May 16 in the Netherlands concerning an ongoing patent dispute with Aiko.

Marc Robinson, Associate General Counsel at Maxeon, emphasized the company's commitment to defending its intellectual property rights, stating, “As part of our rigorous defense of Maxeon's intellectual property, today we announced that we are both appealing the decision in the Netherlands regarding the enforcement of our European Patent No. EP 2 297 788 B1 and filing a new action in UPC to enforce our recently granted European Patent No. EP 3 065 184 B1.”

Robinson further noted that Maxeon seeks injunctions against Aiko and its distributors across multiple European countries including Belgium, France, Germany, , and the Netherlands.


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