Equinor Expands with Third Solar Plant in Poland, Lipno

Equinor has initiated test production at its third plant in Poland, Lipno, marking a significant step in its strategy to enhance its onshore renewables capacity in one of 's rapidly growing renewable energy markets.

Located in central Poland's Wielkopolskie province, the 53 MW Lipno solar plant was developed and is operated by Wento, a Polish renewable power producer fully owned by Equinor. Equinor acquired Wento in 2021, along with its substantial of solar projects totaling 1.6 GW. Since then, Wento has expanded its operations to include three solar plants and one onshore wind park, achieving a combined capacity of approximately 200 MW.

Anders Bade, senior vice president for onshore and markets within Renewables at Equinor, commented on the company's approach: “Wento's growth demonstrates how we leverage our investments in local development companies to build a substantial and profitable onshore renewables business in selected markets.”

The portfolio managed by Wento is expected to produce around 280 GWh of annually, meeting the needs of approximately 140,000 Polish households.

Equinor's energy trading arm, Danske Commodities, has secured a balancing agreement with the Lipno solar plant and will manage the commercialization of the generated electricity in the Polish power market. This arrangement is expected to deliver returns consistent with Equinor's renewable energy investment guidance.

“We have developed a distinct business model that enables us to efficiently expand our onshore renewables portfolio and create value from power trading,” added Anders Bade.

Looking forward, Wento has significantly expanded its project pipeline to over 3 GW, including ventures in storage aimed at enhancing grid flexibility and maximizing value creation potential beyond power generation.

According to Wojciech Cetnarski, CEO of Wento, Poland's focus on expanding renewable energy capacity presents an opportunity for Equinor and Wento to play a leading role in the country's energy transition.

Equinor's commitment to Poland extends beyond onshore renewables, encompassing partnerships in offshore wind projects like Bałtyk I, Bałtyk II, and Bałtyk III with Polenergia. Additionally, Equinor supplies natural gas from the Norwegian Continental Shelf to Poland via the Baltic Pipe, reinforcing its role as a diversified energy provider in the region.

Michał Jerzy Kołodziejczyk, Equinor's country manager in Poland, affirmed the company's dedication: “Equinor aims to be a reliable energy partner for Poland and support its energy transition. We are building a broad energy offering in the country, diversifying generation sources and energy supplies.”


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