GAF Energy to Establish New Solar Roofing Testing Facility with U.S. Department of Energy Support

has announced its intention to construct a new roofing testing facility and begin a new round of Building Integrated Solar (BIPV) testing, with partial from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE).

The new testing initiative aims to develop, test, and validate various optical, thermal, and energy models for roof-integrated solar shingles, with a focus on enhancing understanding of the heating and air conditioning efficiency benefits provided by solar shingles for homes. The facility, equipped with weather, PV, and temperature monitoring systems, will collaborate with Sandia National Laboratories and its network of Regional Test Centers.

Martin DeBono, President of GAF Energy, emphasized the importance of testing in advancing solar roofing innovation, stating, “Solar roofing offers the opportunity for residential solar to reach the mainstream, and testing is critical to further innovation in this sector.”

The U.S. DOE investment was part of a larger $71 million commitment, including $16 million from the President's Bipartisan Law, to support , development, and demonstration projects aimed at expanding the network of domestic manufacturers in the U.S. solar energy supply chain.


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