Montgomery County, Maryland, Breaks Ground on Largest Renewable Energy-Powered Bus Depot in the US

Montgomery County, , and AlphaStruxure have commenced construction on the largest -powered bus depot in the United States. This groundbreaking project will also create the largest transit depot microgrid in the country and the first on the East Coast to produce green hydrogen onsite.

The 5.65-megawatt (MW) microgrid project, delivered at zero upfront costs through Energy as a Service microgrid provider AlphaStruxure, will incorporate electric bus charging and onsite green hydrogen production powered by solar and battery . This setup will enable the depot, located at the David F. Bone Equipment Maintenance and Transit Operations Center, to operate independently in “island mode.”

Montgomery County's innovative approach aligns with its commitment to zero-emissions transit. By 2035, the depot aims to accommodate 200 zero-emissions buses, primarily hydrogen electric buses (FCEBs), chosen for their ability to support longer bus routes and emit only water vapor.

Juan Macias, CEO of AlphaStruxure, commended Montgomery County for its leadership in sustainable transit, particularly its simultaneous procurement of buses and the needed to power them. This comprehensive approach, he noted, is essential for a successful fleet transition.

The green hydrogen bus depot microgrid is scheduled to be operational in 2025. At that point, it will begin exporting renewable energy to the grid and supporting zero-emissions buses. This project follows the launch of the Brookville Smart Energy Bus Depot in 2022, also led by AlphaStruxure, further solidifying Montgomery County's commitment to sustainable transportation. Together, these initiatives are expected to power approximately 335 zero-emissions transit buses, marking a significant step towards reducing the county's carbon footprint.



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