Google Partners with NV Energy for Geothermal Power Supply in Nevada

Google LLC, a subsidiary of Inc, has announced a collaboration with NV Energy, a -owned utility, to secure power for its data centers.

In a statement on Tuesday, Google highlighted that this partnership is a critical step towards its objective of powering its data centers and office campuses with 24/7 carbon-free energy by 2030. The initiative includes the introduction of a new clean transition rate, named the Clean Transition Tariff (CTT), which Google and NV Energy intend to replicate in markets across the United States.

To support this effort, NV Energy has engaged Fervo Energy, a startup specializing in geothermal energy, to provide 115 MW of power capacity under the CTT partnership with Google. Fervo Energy has already commenced delivering 3.5 MW of power to Google through a pilot program initiated in 2021.

The proposal for the Clean Transition Tariff is pending approval from the Public Utilities Commission (PSC) of Nevada.

Google explained that the CTT model addresses limitations of traditional power purchase agreements (PPAs), noting, “As PPAs are often isolated from broader planning and utility investment processes and are tied to variable wind and solar generation, there is a strong need for other technologies to support the full decarbonisation of electricity systems.”

NV Energy's CEO, Doug Cannon, emphasized, “This innovative proposal will not be paid for by NV Energy's other customers but will help ensure all our customers benefit from cleaner, greener energy resources.”


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