Equinor Launches South Brooklyn Terminal Project for US Offshore Wind Expansion

Norwegian energy giant ASA made significant strides on Monday with the groundbreaking ceremony at the South Brooklyn Marine Terminal (SBMT) in New York, poised to emerge as a central hub for offshore wind endeavors along the US East Coast. The revitalization of this port facility is pivotal for Equinor's inaugural US offshore wind project, 1, which boasts an impressive capacity of 810 MW.

“We are excited to commence this transformative project at SBMT, which will play a crucial role in our efforts to expand offshore wind capabilities in the ,” stated a representative from Equinor.

Last week, Equinor finalized a crucial offtake agreement with the New York State Energy Authority (NYSERDA) for Empire Wind 1. The project aims to begin supplying electricity by late 2026, contributing significantly to New York's renewable energy targets.

Collaborating closely with the New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC) and Sustainable South Brooklyn Marine Terminal (SSBMT), a joint venture involving Red Hook Terminals and Industry City, Equinor plans to modernize SBMT into a cutting-edge facility. This redevelopment includes establishing a staging and pre-assembly site for Empire Wind 1's turbine components, as well as an onshore substation to directly connect the wind farm to New York City's power . Furthermore, SBMT will serve as the operational base for Empire Wind 1's long-term maintenance activities.


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