Sun Investment Group Secures Financing for Massive Solar Pipeline in Poland

(SIG), a prominent player in European renewable energy, has secured a substantial debt facility aimed at bolstering its ambitious projects in Poland. The facility supports a pipeline totaling 1,970 MWp across various stages of development, from mid- to late-development phases.

According to financial adviser Capcora, the pipeline encompasses 323 individual projects ranging from 1 MWp to 120 MWp. It includes approximately 100 MWp of projects poised for immediate construction, 1,120 MWp in mid-development stages, and 750 MWp in early development phases.

“The Polish market is currently one of the most attractive markets for investors and lenders in Europe and offers alternative ways of financing,” stated , CEO of Sun Investment Group.

In addition to this significant portfolio, SIG boasts an additional 190 MW of shovel-ready projects in other portfolios within Poland. This expansion underscores SIG's strategic focus on capitalizing on Poland's robust renewable energy landscape.

SIG's overall portfolio now surpasses 3 GW, with nearly 300 MW of projects ready for construction. Over the years, SIG has established a track record of developing, constructing, and successfully divesting over 200 MW of solar power plants across the UK, Poland, and .


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