French-Belgian Consortium Initiates Consent Process for Scottish Offshore Wind Ventures

Thistle Wind Partners (TWP), a consortium hailing from and Belgium, has officially kicked off the consenting journey for two substantial wind endeavors in Scottish waters, boasting a collective capacity of 2 GW.

The permitting endeavors specifically pertain to the 1-GW Ayre and the 1-GW Bowdun offshore projects stationed in eastern Scotland, as announced by the consortium on Monday. Anticipating completion of the consenting procedures by 2025, TWP aims to commence construction activities come 2029.

“Ayre, located 33 kilometers off Orkney, is charted to be a floating-foundation offshore wind farm, while Bowdun, situated 47 km off the coast of Aberdeenshire, will stand as a fixed-bottom complex,” stated a representative of the consortium.

Both Ayre and Bowdun clinched success in the ScotWind leasing round back in 2022. Once operational, this combined is forecasted to cater to the needs of approximately 2.4 million homes on an annual basis.

In a strategic move, marine environmental consultancy ABPmer has been enlisted to spearhead marine physical studies for the twin projects. ABPmer's responsibilities encompass assessing the potential impacts of wave dynamics, hydrodynamics, and sediment transport on the ventures, alongside estimating the wind farm designs' influence on seabed and coastal processes.

Furthermore, TWP has tapped engineering consultancy COWI, which in March secured the task of orchestrating comprehensive pre-front end engineering and design (pre-FEED) studies. These studies will encompass both onshore and offshore electrical and civil designs for the Ayre and Bowdun projects.

TWP, a collaborative effort between DEME Concessions, French renewable power producer Qair, and Belgian renewable energy company Aspiravi, stands poised to usher in a new era of sustainable energy solutions within the Scottish offshore landscape.


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