Scatec’s Release Expands Solar and Battery Storage Capacity in Cameroon under New Lease Agreements with ENEO

Norwegian renewable power producer ASA has announced today that its Release by Scatec business will enhance its existing and battery storage power plants in Cameroon through two new lease agreements with the national company ENEO.

Under these agreements, Release will augment the current solar plants in Maroua and Guider with 28.6 MW of solar capacity and 19.2 MWh of battery storage. These expansions build upon the completion of the existing facilities in September 2023, which currently boast 35.8 MW of solar and 19 MWh of battery energy storage capacity. Notably, the projects utilize Release's innovative offering of movable panels and batteries deployed under leasing contracts.

Hans Olav Kvalvaag, CEO of Release, expressed confidence in the success of the initial projects, stating, “In addition to improving electricity supply in Cameroon and significantly reducing the cost and CO2 emissions from alternative generation based on diesel supply, these pioneering leasing contracts with ENEO are serving as a model for access to affordable clean energy for other countries and large energy consumers in the region.”

Last year, Release secured when Climate Fund Managers acquired a 32% stake in the business, enabling further expansion. Kvalvaag emphasized the availability of funding to support significant growth, with expectations to close and commence implementation of several additional projects from the in the coming months.


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